Rebecca Barry – Producer, Director

I am a storyteller and an adventurer at heart, with a deep desire to share new perspectives and observations about our world. I am driven to facilitate exceptional stories, share these with an audience in a creative way, and get people thinking.

Since graduating from AFTRS, I have filmed in some of the most places dangerous places on earth including Afghanistan, collaborated with rock bands, broke my arm playing rugby in the name of ‘research’, survived a Tsunami, hung out with the circus, visited remote tribes in Papua New Guinea and along the way recorded and witnessed incredible stories of resilience and humanity that floor me. I am a convert to the old saying that … “the truth is stranger than fiction”.

I’ve cut my teeth with all of the major broadcasters and many production companies in Australian in drama and documentary. Highlights of my work as a director or producer include: Footy Chicks (SBS), Inspiring Teachers (SBS), Home and Away (Drama – Channel 7), The Surgeon (Drama – Channel 10), You Am I – The Cream and The Crock (DVD release), Beats Across Borders (ABC), The Space In Between, The McDonagh Sisters (SBS), A Modern Marriage (SBS) and Overture (ABC).

My most work as producer include, I Am A Girl (director), Call Me Dad, The Opposition and The Surgery Ship feature and series for NatGeo People.