I have always loved stories. I spent much of my childhood reading, writing and imagining them. Fantasy fiction was my favourite genre. But I also loved adventure in the real world. I loved riding my bike into interesting corners of the neighbourhood. I would often find myself in unfamiliar surrounds, diving deep into conversation with people I had only just met. I still do this. It's not deliberate, it's instinct. This is something I love about documentary. The way it allows us to connect, learn, and feel our way into others' experiences. 

In 2014 I made Call Me Dad with Media Stockade. Prior to that I made a number of short films that played at international festivals including Venice, Frameline, Hollyshorts and Rhode Island. I have worked on dozens of broadcast documentaries and factual series. Personal highlights include Keeping Australia Alive (ITV for ABC), Look Me in the Eye (ESA for SBS), Country Town Rescue (CJZ for ABC) and Bondi Vet (WTFN for C10).

Alongside filmmaking, I love teaching people who are starting out or working to hone their craft. I still love reading books, riding my bike, and falling into conversation with interesting people. In my work I seek to stay open, pursue my passions, and be tenacious in my efforts to bring truthful, moving and inspiring stories to the screen.