The Surgery Ship Education Guide

AGE GROUP: Secondary and Tertiary Students

SUBJECT AREAS: History (Year 10), Health and Human Development, Physical Education, Personal Development

The Australian National Curriculum (History) at Year10 provides a study of the history of the modern world and Australia from 1918 to the present. Overview content fort this unit include:

- Developments in technology, public health, longevity and standard of living during the twentieth century, and concern for the environment and sustainability. 

The Surgery Ship could be used as supplementary text when exploring the above.Senior students studying subjects such as Health & Human Development, Personal Development and Health and Physical Education. The Surgery Ship as a supplementary text when studying concepts such as:

- A global perspective on achieving improvements in health and human development.
- Identifying similarities and differences in health status between people
living in developing countries and Australians, and analyse reasons for these
- Exploring the role of international organisations in achieving sustainable improvements in health and human development, as well as Australia’s contribution to international health programmes through AusAid and contributions to non-government organisations.