Media Stockade is a media production company specialising in documentary, factual programs and online content.

We combine years of experience, awards and strong track records in delivering high quality broadcast documentary television to Australian and international audiences.

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Media Stockade is an independent production company based in Sydney, Australia, with our eyes and ears open to stories from around the world.

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Call Me Dad

A story about men who have perpetrated or are at risk of perpetrating family violence. At stake is the safety of children and partners, the stability of families, and the power we as a society have to intervene. These men have problems expressing anger, and other strong emotions, without resorting to abuse, verbal or physical. We follow these men as they attempt to change and heal their most precious relationships.

Director Sophie Wiesner
Producers Madeleine Hetherton, Rebecca Barry

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Surgery Ship

Commissioned by SBS Australia, Supported by Screen Australia, Screen NSW (next Line) Documentary Australia Foundation and Mercy Ships.

1 Ship. Thousands of Patients. 1 year to help.
A team of medics facing life and death decisions.

Out on the ocean, a ship of doctors and nurses is traveling to the poorest of the poor living in West Africa. It carries life saving medical services for people who have none: children who suffer with terrible leg deformities, women outcast from their communities by birthing fistulas, vast tumors of all shapes and sizes which afflict the unlucky. With no medical help, sufferers must survive the best they can – unless the ship is in port.

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I am a Girl

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I AM A GIRL is an inspirational feature length documentary that paints a clear picture of the reality of what it means to be a girl in the 21st century. Feminism may have promised equality and sought a better and fairer world for women but the reality is that girls make up almost a quarter of the world’s population yet still face the greatest discrimination of any group in the world. Technology and science offer unimaginable potential but we still struggle to ensure men and women are afforded equal opportunities. Yet in spite of these obstacles, girls have found extraordinary ways to persevere and in our documentary we hear their stories of strength, hope, courage and a refusal to be second best.

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The Opposition

The Opposition asks the important question of how can we ethically build sustainable industry in developing countries? How can impoverished communities break free from the cycle of poverty and aid dependence and develop economically – while balancing the needs of community, history and culture? The site for this unfolding drama is Paga Hill, the luscious mountain peninsula of Port Moresby, with splendid views on three sides that sink into crystal blue waterfronts – the paradise everyone wants to claim.



Media Stockade is a media production company specialising in documentary, factual...

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